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A Dream Between The Threads of The Sea.

By the river bank, the boundary between the river and the sea, the thread not visible but I can see, this is a dream, from one thousand miles of threads I float and gone, soaring freely and thinking clearly through the sea, staring at the clouds in the sky.

Exploring the connection between two kinds, my life and my death, dreams, sleeping dreams and dreams of death, these dreams we have while our souls wondering, cause life is short and very frail.

I lay amid the roar of the shore, just between the line, and I hold within my hand grains of white sand, how few?, I do not know, who cares if it’s only a thousand or more, I’ll love it here, so peaceful and pleasant, glazing at the Stars above.

I short my eyes and my Soul rise above, perhaps, I might be carried away, because I believe in the Whales, I can listen to their sounds, I’m rising beyond to see what’s waiting there, until I see the end of the thread, a new night is here but blues like my Soul.

In the blues of my Shadow I can see, as I journey through the thread of life between the deadline of Death, I am comfortable between the Whales, and the Mermaids gaze at me, oh the tears drop from their beautiful-scaled-thick-eyes, this is the journey through my life, but amid, it's only a dream, a peaceful pleasant one, in paradise is my Soul.



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