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Here in the passages of my mind
Dark thoughts surrender
Sneaky voices echo loud
Further in every hallway
Tormenting me with things I can't control
His rage cursing foul words
His anger rushes like a oceans tide
Filtering every inch of my thoughts
Tears run from my eyes stinging
My mind crashes
Spinning with illusions so dark
This is a living Hell
One which I have no power
He spews ugly vengeance
Capturing the thoughts that was once mine
Vivid images so nasty attach to every brain cell
Devouring with damnation
My mind tangled tight like a spider web
With darkness
Spinning his brand so tight
Inside my caged head
I'm worthless to fight this evil
Every thought is a vacuum
Oozing with victimizing utter cruelty
In this place I cringe
Like a baby in a fetal position
Thoughts drown
Filling my mind with his tormenting illusions

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