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But She is Strong and Bold.

Tears run down her nose, some to her silky cheeks to her chin and fall off her reddish lips, sometimes she swallows, but she is strong and bold.

She cries in her dark corners of her room, where nobody sees only when alone, sometimes in her closet, but she is strong and bold.

You can see the line in her beautiful eyes, but in heart you cannot, the tracks from her eyes to her chin visible and her heart beats like the talking drum, but she is strong and bold.

Years after years of giving her heart to him, and her eyes tell a story of love, anger and pain, but she is strong and bold.

You'll think that she’s happy, but just look again, her heart is bleeding and broken, but she is strong and bold.

After all the long sacrifice she made, he made her cry, and the scars of her past hidden under her clothes, but she is strong and bold.

She walks alone, vowed not love again, her path to places that nobody knows, her smile is now painted with red, but she is strong and bold.

She’s a master of disguise, she paints herself even on the train, you can see it all just look in her beautiful face, but she is strong and bold.

She won't forgive, but she is patient with him, he has broken her heart, but he made her strong and bold.



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