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Those times long gone
playing Chess on the floor,
times many didn't know of
but we both did for sure.
Times of laughing and joking
coffee and butty's it was fun,
times both of us we never forgot
the Chess games he always won.

Next began the Computer age
and yes, we got into that too,
always talking together on the internet
and sharing games as friends do.
Always having the same computers
playing games together was the test,
it was only fun but he always won
or did he, (well he came off best).

And then we got into cameras
and took photo's of many a thing,
we would go to the park as happy as a lark
and film nature and birds on the wing.
We would film the illuminations
brightly lighting the Blackpool Prom,
now my friend Tony is at rest you see
but within me he will always live on.



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