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My. Eagle Eyes

I fly like the Eagles, I command the Sky with my wings, the Mountains underneath I control with my Spirit, Eyes, Peak and Claws, as I see with my Eagle Eyes.

I feel the Eagle Spirit as I fly, Eagle's power is surging in my veins, I fly where my feathers guide, as I fear nothing underneath or above, as I see with my Eagle Eyes.

I fly to protect the plains, I am a master of the Sky, strong above with the Wind, my Heart my compass, my Spirit and the Eagle transcend, as I see with my Eagle Eyes.

I blend with the Wind, Spirit and Soul, as a winner I'll shed no tears, greatly my Spirit has taken control, as I fly above my enemies, watching them from the Sky, as I see with my Eagle Eyes.

Reborn an Eagle without any fears, I fly straight and strong, with strength I land firmly on my prey, with proud and dignity, my feathers remain glands and fine, as I see with my Eagle Eyes.

I'll fly amongst the clouds, above the Hills and above the Mountains, I have my territory in the Clouds and
forever I'll fly with a Great Spirits, as I see with my Eagle Eyes.

@tolababy ® the author of the "feathers that never fly."


Nice one 😄love that

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