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The other day my son came to me and said “my grandma told me you wrote some short stories and I want you to write me one”. Well I wrote a couple while I was in high school but I never liked them. I couldn’t think of anything original to write a story about so I wrote this poem for my son.

So your grandma told you I can write
Well I’m in the mood tonight
I won’t write you a short story
I’ll write you something don’t you worry
I’m writing you a nice short poem
Something to take with you should you ever roam
I’ll take this chance to tell you I love you, son
You make me so proud with all the things that you’ve done
I wish I could open up my heart so you could see
Just How very much you mean to me
Your my world,my boy, the apple of my eye
I can’t quite put it into words but I’ll give it a try
I haven’t much in this life to be truly proud of
I think God noticed and sent a gift from above
He sent me my little man
You must have been his plan
He must have known about the emptiness and loneliness I sometimes have
He must have known the only solution was to make me your dad
My wish for you is to go far whichever path you choose
Always strive to win but learn whenever you lose
Always treat your mother with love and respect
Love your brother for one day he may protect
Respect your elders and treat the elderly well
You may find many of them have stories to tell
Find something you’re good at and master it
Take criticism well but dwell only a bit
Know that I’m pulling for you whatever this life brings
Put love first and know that life is never about things
So I guess it’s time to bring this poem to an end
Forever your old man and forever your friend



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