A Shadow - (Poetry As I Reflect and Process)

in #poetry7 months ago


Tip toeing,
head held low to the ground
as the distant howls grow closer
I am left holding myself,
my many pieces
are scattered in the wind,
dragging my conscious self over barren land
I no longer wish to feed the hunger
that gnaws away at my insides
I wish to bring comfort
to my inner child
to open up the wounds that fester within
to let the light wash it all away
so that I can begin,
to build upon this reality
that stares down at me from the barrel of their guns,
awaiting the first shot,
frozen in anticipation,
as the explosions now commence
to rip holes in the sun
to take the energy
that was once enclosed
they revolve around our existence
willing us to run
I am
but a shadow now,
an echo of what once was
fragments of disconnection
drift in and out
as I now lie exposed.

The heaviness begins to recede
I shake off the last dregs
of their fear
down upon
the darkness that
dragged me here!

I have created a Patreon account so if anyone wishes to support me, please do, I will be sharing poetry and words of empowerment.

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