Childhood Friends

in #poetry2 years ago


As age climbs up the ladder wrung
On a march upwards
Childhood friends reverse their own
On a march downwards

At 10, while still with an innocent identity
They're 100 and plenty
While a rascal and daring at 20
They're 80
Still full of life and dreaming at 30
They're 70
With high expectations at 40
They're 60
Still planning to overcome the world at 50
They're 50
Realising that far hopes are lost at 60
They're 40
As expectations dwindle at 70
They're 30
Becoming a bundle of experience at 80
They're 20
While praying to re-live the past at 90
They're now very scanty
At 100, being a pointer to spirituality
Childhood friends are simply none
And all gone!


Nice poetry it's true as one gets older the number of friends drastically reduces while business associates increases

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