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lifetime, trust me, isn't a sleeping vision
So dark as sagacious declare
Often a brief dawn dew
predicting a greatful day.
every so often there are clouds of dimness,
however those are transitory
If the cascade will make the roses glow,
O why regret its downfall?

Swiftly, happily,lifetime bright hours vanish rapidly by means of,
appreciatively, pleasantly,
enjoy them as they vanish!

What even though death at instances steps in
And calls our utmost away?
however sorrow appears to succeed,
O'er desire, a hard weight?
yet desire once more,
Undefeated, yet she tumbled
nonetheless hopeful are her golden wings,
nevertheless strong to bear us nicely.
Manly, duantlessly,
The day of test endure,
magnificantly, victoriously,
Can brave appease depression!



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