Love in the conspiracy of the heart

in #poetry3 years ago

What's with this world
It's doomsday?
Have you heard the roar of a sala kala?
Or do you even take my life from me?

Is that how the world leads me?
Takes me in the dark of jealousy
Invites me to a twisting road full of thorns
Huddle peeled sheet after sheet of my epidermis

The world is just a pulpit
Place the ego of high-race creatures
Where and where likes
The rising place of the night dawned in the morning

Not because yes or no
Or just simply inappropriate and not
It may be worth it and not
Or even because God and not

See and feel how sweet qoulMu is
Until your bitterness gallows you out
The old widow's queue was getting wrinkled
After he gusto your chunk of promise

You said this is a divine rhyme
But for me only rhymes selfishness

You say this is a guide
But to me nothing more than a piece of the theory of life

You think the world is so vast
Shelter you kaplingkan our fate

So much the way you look
You make all sorts of support
And you start to command the ranks

The West supports you
From the east in the banner of your greatness
In the South of your foremost garda
In the North your lover

Then where is the verandah of misconduct
Where is the fortress of faith

The world is the granary of love
And here is the miniature of heaven
Come here and choose what you like
Because you are free to choose your way of life

I'm still standing on the porch of our hut
Sometimes I peek all about you
About your actions
About captive prisoners of your love

This is the most sacred love
I deliberately took from the divine grip
Love is celebrating heavenly
Love and Love that you can not find in the heart

If you choose this heart you're happy
And if this heart of your life is miserable

If you are with this then heaven
And if with this I make sure hell

This is the prince of our city
Which will be coupled with the princess
The prince of the world kneels at his feet
The noble-minded princess steers men's hearts

I built a hilltop pavilion to scratch the sky
So you can live on clouds
And I dedicate thousands of gemstones gemstones
So you look so charming

Do you know about the golden cage
Only the prettiest birds can occupy it

Or have you heard of the heavenly palace
Only gods and goddesses are able to enter it

Also about the beauty of nirvana
Place of angels and the owners of god love

Then sudihkah pigeons greet the other couple
Just because of his degree of loyalty
Is there anything wrong with a Rosulullhoh Muhammad SAW
With his noble character
With the Prophet Adam a.s with his lavishness on the altar of heaven
Prophet Solomon a.s with His wealth and power
The Prophet Ayyub a.s also with his patience
Even the Prophet Yusuf a.s with his good looks

Yes Robbi ,.
I give up my life in Your power
I base my rizk on your authority
Kutambatkan my love for Your love and affection
Kulerai is my fault in your forgiveness


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