The music of life/Poem

in #poetry3 years ago

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I wake up in the morning, and wonder what is new.
The songs I sing in my sleep, shows me what is true.
I sing them throughout the day, and feel a sudden rush.
The time I spend in silence, reminds me of my crush.

There is nothing in this world, that makes me want to fly.
Unless I sing a sacred tune, that brings tears to the eye.
The song of life is there for you, and comforts all the pain.
As simple songs I write to you, at all times keeps me sane.

Now this I know when turned to you, I feel my life begin.
The time I wake up in the morning, the tunes just start to ring.
There is something to listen to every day, that takes your stress away.
And every time I feel alone, my heart is where you will stay.