5 Haiku's for you

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5 Haiku's for you

There is one person
that causes my world's rupture
perfection on earth

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She is my one light
without her I have no sight
she brings true delight

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She creates my soul
she covers all the old scars
she shines like the stars

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I search for her heart
she is my only desire
her strength is my fire

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My journey is set
I wander and wade around
to find her soul's sound

By Ethan 2018/05/09

Note: If there are any spelling errors or things you disagree with, I would appreciate it if you let me know :)

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Very well used haiku that in this case complete a herms poem as much feeling and essential sense of trying to define what is love and how much you love the other person, accompanied by these spectacular images are a work of art, I congratulate for your mastery in the handling of letters and images so that the message arrives despite the short of the Japanese poetic technique, greetings that this very well

Thank you :D it took me a while but I really enjoyed writing it

Beautiful , can feel the love for the other😍

While I think all of them are beautiful on their own; the first one stands out the most in my opinion.