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A call of loneliness
Again I sit here in front of my monitor
Just wishing I had a comforter
I binged on an anime series today
And realized again
The world is full but empty
There are many fish in this sea
But alas my bait isn't as pretty
As all the rods cast next to me
I refuse to be fake
And I guess that's the reason I'm still up so late

I watched as my brothers left
My cousin followed shortly after
All of them going to a place of laughter
I just sat in this seat
Thirteen hours ago... I'm still here
I need a change of scene

I've become a real introvert
Mainly because of all the hurt
The walls I've put up are a mile high
They are massive sky scrapers blocking my view of the 'wordly' sky
I've given up.
Searching has left me empty handed
Like a gold digger that invested his life savings
Now he sits at his prime socially stranded
To many emotions are boiling inside me
My eyes are welling up, I can barely see
I just need five fingers of assurety
To warp around my hands and promote my individuality

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By Ethan

please do also go check out these song, they had me at the point of breaking down while I was writing

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here (^~^) <(^~^<)


Great poem ones friend! Excellent, I feel your pain in this area as well.
I feel a lot of the same things in my personal situation, as the girl I want doesn't want me, but isn't straight about it leaving me wondering.

He sure is some kind of a poet. He got some very nice poem and the picture really fits the lines.

Yes I look to him for inspiration for my work on here for sure!

Nice poem sir! I can feel your loneliness from miles away. Come see my photos @tiffanyrej and have some smile. Here's my latest post by the way https://steemit.com/life/@tiffanyrej/mastering-mobile-photography-i-love-green

Nice guitar playing. Really love it

the songs ain't me but thanks :)

Great writing! The mind constantly generates dukkha. This state is inescapable and it doesn't matter where you go or what you do. I have been there many times. I focus on hope and look to the brightness and it's a wonderful life if you can find it.

Very inspirational, Thank you :)

sad words

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very well said,,,so sad though..God is the eternal answer to every worldly problem..

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Don't worry mate. You're a long time dead. Think about it.

My goodness the emotion and the rhythmic pattern is second to none, nice stuff, i love the poem

well done @xxsenpaixsamaxx,it's a sad poem,but it's a nice poem..good job 👍

hello dear @xxsenpaixsamaxx, great poem written by you,every word of your poem directly hit the heart, you have a natural tallent as a poet which is much admireable, the pic and videos are awsome, my support with you. FOLLOWED.

Thank you, I enjoy that you read my content almost every day :)

wow I love LIT thank for sharing it, first time to hear it...
it suit for your blue night....will follow you and please share a good song again

Such a heart felt expression of an emptiness from within. Your poem can be related by many out there. I can honestly tell you that we all have been there. The pain is so deep that it actually feels like it is coming from our inner being. Unfortunately it is part of life. Persevere and be patient and just know that you are not alone in this.

Both songs were so beautiful. I am so glad that you shared them with us. I hope you will share more. Maybe your future will have you traveling out to places that you yearn to see. Keep saving your money for that day. You never know what life will bring as you venture out. Please take care!

I'm planning a trip, I just need to save a lot more, Then off to Japan :)

I think you will love it. Before you go try to watch the value of the yen to your currency. I bought yen when the dollar was stronger than the yen and it paid off. You will absolutely love Japan. My daughter and I had a fabulous trip and want to return one year. I am so happy for you Ethan! You have a great goal!!!! :D

Congratulations @ xxsenpaixsamaxx on your poem. You describe a reality!

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First, I'm a fan. Been reading your work for a while now. Second, i can totally relate. Yesterday i stayed all locked up in my room wishing i had a girlfriend for a change. It's crazy but this things happen and i'm glad to see that soneone else feels the same way.

Quite a lot of people have similar feelings

it always feel good to gather the broken pieces of your life and move on...thanks for this,,,upped

"The world is full but empty
There are many fish in this sea
But alas my bait isn't as pretty
As all the rods cast next to me"

Beautifully worded. @xxsenpaixsamaxx, you are great at this!

Poem full of emotions, loved it, although it's a sad one. :) I can relate to this poem somehow.

I binged on an anime series today
And realized again
The world is full but empty

Also, this line just reminded me of myself lol. Great poem like always @xxsenpaixsamaxx! :))

You're welcome!

Nice poetry! Good one! Thanks for sharing.

I can relate, though more than pain, I am filled with hate.
betrayal left me in its devastating wake, I clench my fists,
I crush my teeth, if tears could fall, they'd be hitting my feet.
I am on your "followed" list.
keep writing, keep fighting, your future yet waits.

this is lovely, please check out my poetry too!

I like your naturalness, the one that comes from the inside and is not limited to manifest the bunch of feelings that we house each individual. :)

I understand the part of being an introvert because of the pain

i feel your pain inside your heart