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Crossing a line between earth and mind
Between what's real and cloud nine
Between the false securities life has to offer
There's nothing but love that could make us prosper

The silent singing sins that whistle in the air
That brings vicarious violences and doom and despair
The stress and frail existence of hope
Crumbles nations and kills popes

A change for the better is all we ask
As millions are killed by the mask
A longing for peace of mind
When all we have are pieces of minds

Love is what keeps the world spinnin'
It's the thing that keeps our engines idling
It's the magic that connects us all
To "love one another" was Christ's greatest call

By Ethan 2018/05/05

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Very nice

Love could be anything
Both for good and bad
As much as it has elevated men
Same way it had conquered them

To "love one another" was Christs greatest call.

Maybe you should add an apostrophe after the 't' in Christ
Nice poetry.

thanks, my mistake XD

If there is anything that can save us, it is love. Well crafted. I loved the whole poem. Btw, I write poems too. You can check it on my blog if you want to. :)