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RE: Happy Khayyam's birthday

in #poetry4 years ago

Hello mr. hakimomarkhayyam.... Greetings from Venezuela... I join to the celebration! Omar Khayyam is one of my fundamental poets ever... His poetry is so contemporary... One of the big gift of Iran to the humanity... Here, one of my favorite, in spanish, of course:

¿Nuestro tesoro? El vino. ¿Nuestro palacio? La taberna. ¿Nuestros fieles amigos? La sed y la embriaguez. Ignoramos la inquietud
porque sabemos que nuestras almas, lo mismo que nuestras copas y trajes mancillados, no tienen que temer ni el polvo ni el agua ni el fuego.

In english:

Our treasure? The wine. Our palace? The tavern. Our faithful friends? Thirst and drunkenness. We ignore the concern
for we know that our souls, as well as our sullied cups and robes, need not fear dust or water or fire.

In Persian? Well, I owe it to you. Hehehe....

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