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Pained I be
Be I as I pen
this piece
For peace
You there
Yes there
There in the ivory tower
Tower of chameleon integrity
Where lies your dignity?
What happened to your promises
Promises of good governance?

Why allow
Allowing this monster
Monster of undying traits
Rule your sense of judgement
Judgement for betterment
Betterment for the citizenry

You here
Yes there
In high place
Not of your palace
But of responsibility
Called for service of humanity

Wake up
Up from this act of negligence
Negligence of the needs
Of the citizens
Restore the pride
Of dear nation
With a ride
On the coat of arm

You citizens
Go get your card...
Get ready
Be steady
Don't be greedy
Let your vote
Vote for the right choice
Choice of conscience
For conscience is police
Police of the mind
Yes it is....

Fellow poets
Again, urge I you
Pick up your pen
Pen your words
Words of progress
Progress for our dear nation
Nation known for greatness
Greatness that harness
The world market distribution

Is time
Time we speak
And act what we speak
Live it
And do it

Take a Vow
Not a bow
Nor cow
Out now

Let's start now
Put our know how
Not gather
To murder
Our mother...
The land of our pride

There's hope for us
The hope of us
As poets

Let's pray for our nation
Nation blessed with passion
Passion for indigenous productivity
There's gold in this nation

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Feb 22, 2018



This is very hard for me to comprehend, looks like a nice piece of work