Goodbye Ramadan (original poetry)[day #100]

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id.jpgGoodbye Ramadan

This feeling is repeated every year
Sad and happy to mingle
May bring Ramadan away
And embrace the newly arrived Idul fitri

Goodbye lover Ramadan
Welcome to Idul Fitri
Although I am ashamed I deserve to welcome you
Ramadan I wasted
Fasting only hunger, but less guarded view
Less enthusiastic in repenting
Daily recitations faltered, taraweh quickly
Dhuha is late, praying in congregation dying
What am I proud of, am I worth the fly?

But Ramadan has to go
Shawwal bring Eid fitri with title of taqwa
Does the title exist for my name?
Forgive me my God
Reunite me with your Ramadan

By: Zulkarnen @zulacut
June 14, 2018

Happy Idul Fitri for all the Muslims worldwide, Alhamdulillah today completed 100 days of poetry challenge, I do not know if @d-pend deliberate time all Eid celebration of Muslims or just coincidence ... but whatever it is, I am very grateful to be able to finish this challenge. And I am very sorry to not be able to meet the class that is held by Steemitschool of course because of my busyness that can not manage time well, again I apologize. However I acknowledge the spirit of my writing increased after following this challenge. Once again the @d-pend and steemians are all in steemitschool and in KSI and all the Indonesian steemians, Steemians Aceh, Selamat Lebaran all.



Congratulations, friend. We meet a goal