Humanity who has died (original poetry)[day #90]

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Humanity who has died

A paramedic was shot dead in the war arena in Palestine
Where are human rights activists
Where is your melodious and witty voice defending this
Or human rights is just a matter of mere interest
Or is the human rights body created for certain people?
Or for a particular interest?
Then just disband you
When the state becomes a prison by the Jews
Palestinians in the tembes
Her children were killed
The young are in a shot
Where Human Rights Activists
Or you do not have eyes
Your ears are deaf?
The big bang has deafened you
Or interests that have made you numb

The medics were sprawled by Sharp weapons
Fake humanity has killed Razzan
Along with deafening and blinding your eyes to care
The medics were sprawled by Zionist sharp weapons

By: zulkarnen @zulacut
June 04, 2018

This poem to sympathize and sympathize with the death of Palestinian medical doctors in the Zionist place of Israel June 2, 2018. May our humanity's souls increasingly booming. 90th Poetry in a 100-day challenge of poetry held by @d-pend and steemitschool community.