Kneel (original poetry)[day #99]

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Knuckle while you're strong
While your oxygen is still available
Because death does not look at age
Birds can die instantly
Even small ants can die clogged with clay
Surely different from us
God has given us more
Without having to buy
God has made us enough
Without having to add a receipt
We are only asked to kneel occasionally
Pray occasionally
Because God does not need our sympathy
And we will be given not even asking
But kneeling is a weak sign
Praying is a sign of gratitude
So kneel occasionally
But if more, better for you
So pray only occasionally
But be sure to pray always and forever
Ask your Lord, even if your quota is already there
But to give more that his right

By: Zulkarnen @zulacut
June 13, 2018

99th Poem from 100 day challenge, thanks @ d-pend and steemitschool good luck always.



Short but captivating.... Yeah.... We have to pray occasionally, but it has to be forever... Your poem made sense to me.... Well-done for completing the race