Lailatul Qadar (original poetry)[day #92]

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Lailatul Qadar

Ramadan is the moon king
Lailatul Qadar is the crown of his crown
That night the glorious glory of a thousand months
Do not want to ..?
There is..
Very many do not care
And he lives in the month of Ramadan
There is so much to say
Though his death almost came

Harvest the reward in ramadan
Bury Lailatul Qadar with sincerity
Achieve glory with hope
For the rest of your life more peaceful

Lailatul Qadar from dusk to dawn
Do not lose hope the love of god is still unfolding
Turn the night on the last 10 of Ramadan
May we achieve glory

By: Zulkarnen @zulacut
June 6, 2018

This Lailatul Qadar poem is to cultivate a spirit for myself and for all Muslim steemians to earnestly attain Lailatul Qadar in this year's Ramadan.
Thank you @d-pend has organized this challenge and this becomes my 92nd poem of the expected 100 days. Thanks also to all my friends - friends in steemitschool, greeting success always.