Last night (2) (original poetry)[day #97]

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Last night (2)

The night was lonely, choked in tears
Long prayer no longer exists because the silence is more tempting
The last nights are closer
The clock was slowing down
The empty soul laments with the night
Lovers willing to go
Will you meet again next year?
Tears grew more rapidly
Filling in the restless nights

God forgive sin - my sin
I'm negligent in your forgiveness
I am busy by my world
Until I let this ramadhan pass
Left me with the old black stain
Let this last night I cry
Sorry for you

God Forgive my sins
Accept my sujud though imperfect
Accept my prayer even in pride
In the pride of the soul
In my stains which I considered sacred
God forgive my sin

By Zulkarnen @zulacut
June 11, 2018

The second poetry poetry on the last nights of Ramadan, this poetry becomes 97th poem in the 100-day challenge of poetry. Thanks @d-pend and steemitschool community.


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