Last nights (original poetry)[day #96]

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Last nights

When prostration feels more display
Confidence feels stronger
God sows his rahamt for us to achieve
God grants prayers for us to ask
Last nights
Feel the emotion and the hollow
The clock rushes
Fast and slow like a dying soul
Do not want to part with a lover
But the nights must pass
New episodes will continue to spin
Waiting for the next night - last night
But we do not necessarily get there
In the following year
But no need to despair
Because God is omnipotent
The crown holder of all the servants
May we be met with Ramadan next year
To catch up
In the last nights of the day

By: zulkarnen @zulacut
10 June 2018 / night 26 Ramadhan 1439 H

A final poem of Ramadan and hope to meet with Ramadan next year.
This poem is the 96th poem in the 100-day challenge of poetry, held by @d-pend and steemitschool community.



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But no need to despair
Because God is omnipotent