Morning (original poetry)[day #87]

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The beginning of meaningful life
All expect morning
Although without happiness there
All loved the morning despite the routine waiting

Morning gives love to all
Through the dew, the sun and the tempting breeze
Morning calms every sacred soul
Every heart is noisy
Morning brings a deep shade
Hugging a small, innocent little boy's eyeball
morning gave birth to a new story in simple strokes
minimal greeting, a beautiful morning for us
despite the bitter reality that will hit
morning spread love
morning spread the love of birds - birds with chirp
morning, when the sun smiles
we smile
Good morning

By: zulkarnen @zulacut
June 1, 2018

Poetry on the 87th day in 100 days of poetry challenge, thanks @d-pend and steemitschool community may our day always be beautiful like a morning that always brings new spirit for all of us.



A lovely beginning to any day. A nurturing energy to this write, Zulacut. I really enjoyed it.

I am coordinating a contest/community building thing on my blog. #fridaypoets. Perhaps you would also like to participate and post your work there. It might give a few more eyes on your work and bring in a little SBD.

okay i will try it ... thank @prydefoltz