Value (original poetry)[day #86]

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All of us have their own values
Both implied and explicit
In everyone's eyes
Some people think we are loving but sometimes lie
There are those who judge us ordinary no meaning
But there is also a judge us with low value
That's what humans always want value
Always want to rate
Always rated

Sometimes before starting something already has value
And we are
Not necessarily the rate is better
Value has made us arrogant
Value has made us arrogant
Value has made us great
Even the value has made many people die
Humans are too judgmental
But do not want to be bad
Yet his job is a lot of ugly
And he judges people are always the ugly - ugly
Let's value by fair and standard

By: Zulkarnen @zulacut
May 31, 2018

An afterthought of human nature that is very fond of giving judgers from the beginning. This poem became the 86th poem in the 100-day challenge of poetry, hopefully useful, thanks to @d-pend and steemitschool community who have come up with this challenge.