Who are you (original poetry)[day #89]

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Who are you

You always shout at HAM
When my brother continues to be slaughtered you are silent
You shouted I'm intolerant
When my brother is executed you are silent
You shouted the bearded and uniformed terrorists
When the wearer wearing the earrings you are silent
Wait for our little boys to die with sharp weapons
Can you not say that the slaughter is a terrorist

You say I'm not fair
But you always hide my part
Ah never mind
Sometimes I wonder who you really are
Saudarakukah? or someone else incarnate
Or your brain is dirty
Until not able to distinguish
Where is the water where the oil
You always defend the favor
Be aware of friends, get back to the right path

By: Zulkarnen @zulacut
June 3, 2018

A small warning to my brother who likes to vilify his brother. Hopefully in this Ramadhan return to the straight path .. this poem also as the 89th poem in the 100-day challenge of poetry held by @d-pend and steemitschool community.



Sebuah sajak yang sangat bagus, semoga orang lain bisa memahaminya😊

Great write up informative