Taiwan's Recent Murder of a Malaysian - The Fall of Psychology of the Young, The Strength of Community and Swift of Police Force

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This is so sad...

One of my director who has his child in Taiwan was devastated when he showed me this news just a while ago:


This young girl, not only was strangled to death. She was left with her body bare with just her panties on, at the edge of a cliff. Suspected being molested during the crime committed leading to her death.

This could have been so easily avoided. All along the hearts of many Mandarin Speaking families in Malaysia thought that Taiwan was one of the safest place for their children to pursuit further education, truly sparked much anger and worry who has children studying particularly in Tainan.

With the pandemic lock-down and lawlessness happening all over the world, how many out there truly are safe from accountability and sanity?

Especially this is the second case within the year for a young Malaysian female's faith ended in such an abrupt manner.

All because of perverted minds of individuals who lost their souls to most likely pornography substances.

the fall of humanity

That being said...

Despite of such out-range and sadness that has happened, I must applaud of the strength of efficiency with the locals coming together working with the swift and efficient police force, from the girl being reported missing 3 hours after her last text message to her housemates saying she was walking back from the university and will see them soon, to finding her bare body within 24 hours after co-operating with local business cctv to trace the vehicle.

The culprit who seemed to have done the same thing before on other victims; but this time, he killed.

Intentionally or unintentionally killing, the very fact that he planned to attack any girl who walked out from the university through the underpass was already a red flag sign to question:

While technology continues to advance, is the human side sliding off into an oblivion of bondage to Sin?

Who is to blame?

Marketing ?
Community isolation?
Distraction of fast pace life?
Unhealthy relationships?

The list can go on and on, but we must acknowledge the fact is while information is vast, so is the vulnerability of a human mind.