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RE: Graters & Grovers: Are The Attacks on Thunberg REALLY Warranted?

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Hey my friend, I hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas .. thought I'd stop by and share some thoughts :)

However, I had to write this because the attack on Greta is just getting a little bit ridiculous and I'm trying to work out how I feel about that.

Yes, I agree entirely .. in fact even in the post where I pointed out the behemothic control structure that is using her .. I rightly applauded her passion and dedication, the world needs more people like her! Alas, I also fear she is being wilfully misdirected and woefully misunderstands the nature of those she is (ultimately) lobbying for. They even have Thunberg's green contemporaries (like Jamie Margolin) being used to greenwash corporations like Johnson & Johnson .. you know the guys who knew for decades that their baby powder contained asbestos.

Unfortunately, what we are witnessing is corporate takeover of environmentalism .. that is a documentable fact. They are leading the charge for the corporatisation and privatisation of nature and natural resources, and they have scared the children of the world into being their lobbyists. Whilst they're on the cusp of legislating against all that oppose their corporate takeover, if we look back into history we can observe how they always seek to take out any competition, in the early day's of the industrial revolution hemp was considered a genuine competitor/threat to oil dominance (Henry Ford even made a hemp car in the 1930s) .. so the oil barons (many of whom's bloodlines are now interconnected with corporate environmentalism) demonised it and then used their political clout to legislate against it .. if they hadn't done that ..we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Despite the fact that modern hemp cars are shown to be 25% more carbon-efficient than their electric ounterparts and you could power them using just 4% of US landmass, all cars will be electric, all business, home energy, the impending digital cash system etc will require their infrastructure to run it.

In hindsight, oil was simply a stepping stone towards the total energy dominance that is now within their grasp .. all they require is that you pay for it, hence the lobbying children. Over the next ten years, they are going to lobby against your right to use any other form of energy to heat and power our homes .. they want a centralised greenwashed electrical system to power the world .. a system that (through a maze-like myriad of names and funding mechanisms) can (if you're prepared to do your homework) all be traced back to the same control structure. I'll paraphrase Carlin .. It's a big green business club, and whilst you aren't in it .. you are required to pay the elites membership fees.

Who cares if the Bele Monte dam is going to destroy vast areas of the Amazon basin, it's green energy. Who cares if they're chopping down vast swathes of pristine forest to feed into their biorefineries .. it's green energy! Who cares if they're damming the last of Europe's mighty free-flowing rivers, it's green energy. Who cares if they're destroying Chimpanzee habitats in the Congo basin to use children to mine the rare earth minerals for the electric car, it's for our green future! I could go on, but ultimately, if they were serious about saving the planet then they would know that our salvation will not be found within huge destructive greenwashed centralised energy policies (that are ultimately about increasing profit, leveraging control of the sector, controlling the populace and making people pay for the privilege).. but within the balance of giving the power (literally) back to the people .. a true green and balanced future. Alas, it is the people who will pay to prop up the shareholder's profits and watch their friends, family and neighbours become drawn into fuel poverty.

In terms of balance, a contributory factor behind the world's state of disarray is imbalance .. giving the same individuals/institutions (whom are interwoven with the united nations) and have drawn us into (and profited from) this state of environmental degradation, the moral authority to hoard even more resources .. is not going to end well. Do people think they're fighting against these mega-corporations and banking institutions? They're successful for a reason and I can assure you they are all very well poised to reap massive rewards (at the taxpayers expense) from the impending (greenwashed) 4th industrial revolution .. they just want you to pay for it, and with green taxes akin a new form of carbon confession .. the masses will be lining up to unburden themselves of their collective environmental sins.

If it sits outside of people's perception, they don't even need to think of it in conspiratorial terms .. for the world is now a business that is (including human resources) being run as a resource management system, and of course, such an acquisition makes perfect business sense. What self-respecting (pun intended) corporate behemoth isn't going to want to be on the frontlines of the green goldrush? Did I say greenrush? Well, that's exactly what is occurring here, the largest transfer of wealth, land, sea and natural resources in the history of humanity, if people (from both sides of the argument) fail to dig deeper than the headlines, and the individuals we are handed to praise and demonise in equal measure .. fifty years from now, they will own it all and the vast majority of people will not only have cheered them on, they will have funded it .. again if you're cold and calculating that makes perfect business sense. If you follow the momentum of the world (in every sphere of society,farming, business, media, medicine etc etc) over the last 100 years it's also both easy and entirely logical to see the direction it's moving in .. they want it all, and I think they stand a really good chance of getting it. Contemplate the genius, the people the modern environmentalists and anti-globalists fight against on one hand, they lobby for on the other .. it's like someone taking the watch off your wrist with their left hand, whilst they distract you with the right.

I very much agree that teenagers are far smarter than the older generations give them credit for, unfortunately in terms of manipulation/propaganda and social engineeering .. intelligence really doesn't come into it, in fact in an age where intelligence is measured against academia .. I would surmise that the most intelligent/academic have become the most indoctrinated. You could have the most powerful engine/sports car in the world .. but if it's running on flat tyres or if a few elements are out of place .. you're not going very far from the starting block.

In terms of science, many of Greta's (and movements like extinction rebellion) proclamations are born of emotion and have no basis in scientific fact .. even the IPCC have distanced themselves from the in "in twelve years billions are going to die" fear porn .. despite this we have idiots like XR spokesman Rupert Reid telling children they may not grow up, that they have no future .. this isn't science, its an unscientific blatant lie and flagrant propaganda heaped upon the shoulders of children. Here you can find IPCC climate scientist and report author Dr Tamsin Edwards response to Reid's non-factual assumptions.

So whilst I do very much agree with the overall narrative of your eloquent and passionate post .. I just wanted to add my own perspective. Sorry if I went a little off topic or if this sounded like a rant, it really wasn't meant to and I very much respect/value your opinion and the fact that you genuinely care. Much love and a Happy New Year to you .. over and out. X