International Women’s Day Poker Tournament – March 8th, 2018

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Come join the Steem Poker League and for the inaugural 100 SBD Women’s Day poker tournament!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, will be hosting a huge freeroll poker tournament in honor of all of our women on the Steem blockchain! We want this tournament to be as large as possible and to invite women of all skill levels to come join the growing Steem Poker League (@spl) community. There’s a lot already happening at and much more to come over the next few weeks and months and we want everyone to be a part of it!

However, this next month is for women.

Yes, we’re going to celebrate on International Women’s Day...but we’re also going to celebrate every week leading up to March 8th! If you’re not a skilled poker player, that’s OK. We’ll have weekly tournaments exclusively for women where you can improve your game and learn from one of the top poker players in the @spl – a brilliant woman herself: @bethalea! She’s not your average poker player. In fact, @bethalea is currently leading the entire league in Team-Up Tournament points!

To help prepare you for the Women’s Day tournament, which will be open to all registered league players, @bethalea will host two freeroll tournaments each week over the next four weeks. These will be exclusive games, just for women, with tips and advice from @bethalea for anyone who wants or needs it. If you’re not familiar with the website or are new to poker entirely, she’ll be there to help get you familiarized with navigating the site, learning the different types of games, and even advising on bets, statistics, and strategies.

If you’ve been thinking about playing poker but weren’t sure how to get started, now is your chance to get involved! Sign up on and join the Lucksacks/SPL Discord server! You’ll be greeted by @bethalea, who will be hosting the first women-only freeroll tomorrow night, February 13th. So make sure you get signed up today and start earning chips, making friends, and having fun!

Tournament Information

We want the International Women’s Day tournament to be as large as possible, and as one of the sponsors, I’ll be donating the entire SBD payout from this and follow-up posts to the tournament pot and to cover the weekly games leading up to the main tournament. Our goal is to raise a minimum of 100 SBD for Women’s Day, plus additional funds for tournament bounties.

Yes, that’s right...there will be bounties on the head of every male player in the Women’s Day tournament!

If you’re not familiar with bounties, it means that any time a woman knocks out a man in this tournament, the woman who knocked that man out will receive an additional prize! For Women’s Day, that bounty will be 1 SBD per knockout! If there are 50 men in the tournament, that’s a potential 50 extra SBD in prizes!

There is no upside limit to the tournament pot, so whatever is earned from post rewards about the tournament will be added to the total fund!

Here is the complete list of available games and payouts in honor of International Women’s Day 2018, sponsored by @ats-witness and @guiltyparties:

5 SBD Freeroll, No-Limit Hold ‘Em – with @bethalea (Women-only tournaments)

Tuesday, February 13th at 8pm ET
Thursday, February 15th at 4pm ET

Tuesday, February 20th at 8pm ET
Thursday, February 22nd at 4pm ET

Tuesday, February 27th at 8pm ET
Thursday, March 1st at 4pm ET

Tuesday, March 6th at 8pm ET

100+ SBD Women’s Day Freeroll, No-Limit Hold ‘Em

Thursday, March 8th at 6pm ET

Early registration for the tournaments begins 60 minutes before the start time and late registration ends 15 minutes after. Each tournament has scheduled breaks and you can sit out of hands if you need a break for yourself, so don’t worry about real-life distractions during play!

Let’s make the Women’s Day tournament the Steem Poker League’s largest freeroll to date!

We’ll be giving away a guaranteed 135 SBD over the next month, so let’s show our support for the wonderful women of the Steem blockchain! But don’t just show them support on March 8th – make sure you’re supporting them year ‘round!

Please support those who support the poker community!

As the Steem Poker League runs entirely off of Steem blockchain rewards, it’s important to show your support for @spl and its creator and leader, @tuck-fheman. Without support, there cannot be free-entry tournaments and the necessary development to improve the site and grow the community. So please consider supporting the posts from @tuck-fheman, which go directly to league funding, and approving the witnesses who give their support to the league. These are some of the regular supporters and donators of the @spl, in no particular order, that would appreciate a witness vote:


Head over to the witness voting page and enter these names into the “VOTE” field, then cast your vote! All support is greatly appreciated!

If you like what I'm doing...

Vote for


Block-change you can believe in!


ahahaa, YAY!! This is going to be so much fun, thank you @ats-david and @guiltyparties for sponsoring this initiative and as always, to @tuck-fheman for the entire lucksacks site and @spl Community!!

Thank you for generously volunteering your time and sharing your expert poker knowledge with others! I hope a lot of women take you up on the offer!

Wow! This sounds like a dream, I’m excited! I’m new to Lucksacks and just played my 1st two tournaments tonight. Love it! Can’t wait to play these Women’s Tournaments this week! Thank you all so much for your time and creating such an amazing and fun opportunity.


I was told there would be an Amazing Tournament with awesome people and decided to drop in and spread the good word ;)

hahaa, yay! it's going to be great, can't wait to play with you!

you all are a great group of people on the "ecosystem" here
how does a Whale hide an Ace up its flipper?

This is great for @spl and all my special lady friends.

images (42).jpg

we both love soup...

Also aside from harassing @sircork which is worth it all by itself ... upvoted resteemed and signed up. Guess I gotta add yet another Discord server now ...

hahaha, I'm so glad you did! It was nice chatting for a minute today, hope to see you again soon!!


Thank you for highlighting this! I'll definitely be watching the tables. I usually get creamed by @bethalea, my money's on her. Bwahahahaha!


hahahaaa, love to see you as always, @enginewitty!!

Loves ya back malady hugs
I can watch right? Spectate or whatever?

this is......extremely awesome and NEEDED
Steemit gets so gloomy and this is like a dang rainbow
@enginewitty ...... am prolly gonna be on the spectate side cause of having no attention span BUT, am really seeing a lot of people getting pumped for it and am sharing this post around,

I passed it on too :) And I agree, should be more unicorns that fart rainbows and rainbowfish that spout gold, or something to that effect.

i hope you'll consider one of the smaller freerolls! We can chat our way through them, lol.

I do think you need to be registered on lucksacks in order to watch, but i can check if you'd like!!

thanks for your support, it means a lot to me and this whole community. The SPL is truly one of the best things about Steemit!


Awesome effort! I look forward to playing and being knocked out!

hahaha! I'm happy to oblige!


Bello...mi piacerebbe molto. !Forse .....provo!

This is not politically correct...Why can't men play?

free roll? How about free troll...

@battleaxe asked me to stop by and check out your post. I am not a woman , however I will look into the SPL. Sounds really cool.

yay! it's a great community and poker is so much fun... hope to see you there!

This is just Great @ats-david if you allow me, I'm gonna spread the word!

This is a tournament the whole steemit will remember for ages to come. Master minds at planning something like this. You guys are geniuses. I don’t know how to play poker but I’d love to, don’t know if there are categories for beginners... smiles

Thanks to @ats-witness ,@guiltyparties, @pcste ,@enginewitty, @themarkymark and @bethalea for this life enriching contest. Steemians won’t forget this

Most welcome. Happy to be a supporter of this fine organization.

Can I play, if I wear a dress to the game? (it's virtual, without webcams, right?)

Yes if it makes you feel pretty .

Does it work for witty and wise too?


loved your jersey, btw @sircork ... wait, which is the right way to spell it again? ;)


Fret not dear friend all the Initiatives are doing awesome and next go round maybe spellchecking?

You only ask this question if you were going to anyway. Make sure it matches your beard though, because we will think it's weird if it doesn't. :)

Sir Cork's beard has magical powers, or something.....
I so wanna put our Jersey pics up @sircork

Where's registration?

I submitted it right before I regretted making made that joke. Also should I worry that my Discord server list has a freakin' scroll bar? LOL

No you should worry when you can no longer even remember which community some icon on that scroll even is.

the power of Steemit is that you get off of Steemit and do all your stuff on Discord to come back onto Steemit
what the literal f**k is that pic, is that you in adorned with a kimono....

@ats-david, That's pretty excellent tournament organized on to the international women day on 08th March 2018. Every of team members of @spl Lucksacks pocker gives massive support for provide pocker league. I appreciate all of your effort providing blockchain. @bethalea did best task there.
Stay blessed and best of luck all!


Also, I identify as a woman for the next couple weeks, just trying something new out ya know ;)

Just awesome. Nice to decided you arrange Pocket tournament to ladies for International women day. This is going lot of fun to ladies. Why you late ladies? Please visit and be register there. Hurry up ladies. Amazing pool rewards indeed. You all well arranged work here.

I dont know how d poker works..
I need tutorship

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nice your post i will done upvote..

its 2018 and they still not going to reply you back :p

Joined, resteemed, thank you :)

I have an idea, what about allowing a bounty builder tournament of just the on the men in the women's bounty tournament. The way it works, all the guys are bounties and the woman bounce us out, they collect the bounty. Fun right? But wait, what if the guy takes out the woman out, well yes the collect the bounty however that means, the bounty is double on the guy and a woman bounces a guy that has the double bounty receives double bounty and so on. If there is a guy that has collected like 5 bounties and a woman can bounce him, then she will collect 5 bounties. Now guys, we just are the carrier of bounties only, meaning we don't collect to win the bounties. sweet photograpy..thanks for sharing

Will there be any Freerolls in the coming weeks that men can also join?

I see that the February 13 thru March 6 are women only.
Is the March 8 tournament also women only?

No, the March 8th tournament is open for all. There are also several freerolls throughout the week, every week. You can find the list of all tournaments here:

hmmm, its only for woman, anyway it was great challenging, good works @ats-david

Sawweeeettt been looking for a good poker alternative to titan since I left there bad beat after bad beat. Now for a mens game, time to sign up... Cheer$;)

Sounds good. There are several games today, including a couple of freerolls. Lots of people on the Discord server as well, chatting and listening to music throughout the day, during and between games.

Saweet brother I am gonna pop in there and teach you all some sick skills. Kidding but I do enjoy the game a ton and have missed it plenty, I played many live games at the casino as well as online satellites, Will pop in soonest. Cheer$;)

@ats-david I am busy signing up as we speak .. how do I get to my steemit intro post link without taking 4 hours to scroll back 6 months?

If you find the answer to that, please post about it. You'd probably find yourself at the top of trending.

LOL OMG HOREE SHEET, I was worried that would be your response..... ok well good luck to me, here's to the next 4 hours scrolling wish me luck and when I am done see you on the tables. Cheer$;)

Your wish is my command. I found two Steemians who have addressed this problem and made a post ...

I will be there tonight!

Great! If you have any questions about things, feel free to come to the Discord server and join the discussions.


Loving these games! That's me, BitKat. Come on out. Everyone is super nice and there are free games.

A lot of good news will benefit from it. I'm happy to see your good system

If I get dressed as a woman, can i participate? I'll be killing it!

If I get dressed as a woman, can i participate? I'll be killing it!

I'll definitely be watching the tables.Thank you for highlighting this!

Very cool, indeed!

your blog is really wonderful. and important for us. I like your post very much. Carry on.
thanks for sharing.

Thank you for generously volunteering your time and sharing your expert poker knowledge with others! i hope that this tournament was very compitition in each team.

Thank you @ats-david for organizing this, hosting a great FreeRoll today and most of all for your very generous gift! I’m so humbled and thankful! 😊 This is really great what you’re doing for everyone and the community!

this is incredible! i am hearing about it a little too late but would LOVE to get involved in the next one. I play a bit of poker and my stepdad is semi-pro in the US. please tell me how i can get involved!!