Bankroll Challenge: $50 to $500 in 30 Days

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Day 0

I've been a bit lazy with poker lately. I haven't dedicated enough time to playing or studying the game. Hopefully a bankroll challenge will motivate me to grind a bit more and spend some quality time analyzing my play.

I'm going to make a very achievable goal of starting with $50 and running it up to $500 in 30 days. I don't want to get too ambitious and set myself up for failure. After completing this challenge, I can move on to more difficult or interesting challenges, but for now I just want a little motivation and positive reinforcement.

I will be tracking my progress through this blog, and adding my share (the 50% left over after my SPL donation) to my bankroll. While that will make it marginally easier to complete the challenge, my goal is not to make the challenge as difficult as possible.

To start, I will deposit $25 on Bovada and the remaining $25 on CoinPoker. I will also be playing on LuckSacks, starting with the freerolls, and then hopefully moving on to some ring games after I have some chips on the site. I might mix in some play on Nitrogen at some point as well.

I will be updating this blog with daily updates. Stay tuned!


Good luck @pokering.

I just signed up at intertops as they have a number of freerolls every day. Have not tried the others.

Good luck. I don't play Bovada but figure that should be like ACR and some deep runs in the $1-5 games should be helpful in getting to goal. That CoinPoker play is a bit optimistic since you profitability is also based on the value of your CHP in the end. I don't know if I trust that will be profitable in the near term of your goal time.

Thanks. I am mainly a cash player, but I might mix it up with some tourneys. A deep run would definitely help!

What does a deep run mean?

/excuse the noob.

If he plays a tournament, then making a deep run would be lasting a while and making it far enough to be in the prize money. Tournaments usually pay well if you can get in the money, but of course it can be difficult since there's so many other players

Will you for some reason live stream this challenge!
I never set goals while I´m playing poker, because I learned from betting in sports that imposing an achievement/goal forces us inconsciently to make some unintentional mistakes. I don't know if that applies to poker too.

Anyways, I´ll be following your updates, and I really hope you can achieve it and share with us some tips.

I will probably be livestreaming quite a bit of it on dlive.

ok, If I´m online while you stream, I´ll be there watching you!! :D

Good luck dude! I'd like to think I could be successful at online poker if I had the time for it, but I'm sure there's a lot of people that think that, haha. One day when I'm old and retired I'll be all over it

I have played quite a bit but BRM and setting goals is something I lacked in my play. Interesting challenge you have set for yourself here. Good luck.

Good luck mate!
Be interesting to watch your progress.

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