Off To A Slow Start

in #poker3 years ago

Day 3

The challenge has gotten off to a bit of a rough start. I'm down roughly $10 overall.

I am up almost 10 chips (10 SBD) playing freerolls on LuckSacks.

I am down about $6 playing 5NL on Bovada, due to a combination of poor play and bad luck.

The majority of my losses came from CoinPoker. CHP is down quite a bit over these past few days, and on top of that my bankroll is not sufficient to play most of the games there. So I've taken a relatively big hit to the bankroll and paid transfer and exchange fees to get out of CHP.

The added twist of playing with different currencies makes this a bit more interesting than it would be otherwise. Hopefully at some point this works in my favor, but so far it's kind of hindered me.

I haven't played much yet today, but I do plan on putting in some volume tonight, if I can find the time.

Wish me luck.


you can dooooo eiiiittt!!!

Good luck. What site does bovada use for poker? I should try it out.

They use their own platform. They sold their poker operation to Ignition at one point, but they brought it back... I don't really know the details.

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