Steem Poker Tournament #19 [ Prize Pool - 50 SBD + 5 SBD Jackpot ] ♠️ Free to Play ♠️

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♠️ @ 11 FEB - 5PM CDT / 10PM GMT ♠️

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Powered by @spl
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How to Play:

  1. Join our Discord chat.
  2. Message @tuck-fheman with username on Steemit.
  3. Register on
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    Eligible to Play?

    [ Steemit account with at least 30 rep ]
    [ Introduction post in order to receive payouts. ]

    Eligible for Jackpot?

    [ Upvote and comment ]
    [ Follow me @reko ]


    Jackpot Rules:

    All liquid rewards from the post is rewarded to the winner of the tournament!



    Players Eligible for Jackpot:

    Eligible - @reko
    Not eligible - @tuck-fheman
    Not eligible - @lexiconical
    Not eligible - @jpederson96
    Not eligible - @gambit.coin
    Not eligible - @chops316
    Not eligible - @jonsnow1983
    Not eligible - @truegreatwork
    Not eligible- @theaustrianguy
    Not eligible - @tbnfl4sun
    Not eligible - @lebekons
    Not eligible - @davidickeyyall
    Not eligible - @potplucker
    Not eligible - @boatsports90
    Not eligible - @neilanthony
    Not eligible - @gambit.coin
    Not eligible - @lasper
    Not eligible - @fatkat
    Not eligible - @celsius100
    Not eligible - @nationall
    Not eligible - @dedicatedguy
    Not eligible - @barteksiama
    Not eligible - @davor27
    Not eligible - @steveconnor
    Not eligible - @spirits4you
    Not eligible - @diogosantos
    Not eligible - @amos811


    Cash Games:

    Now all the SBD you win from tourneys are available to play at the new cash game tables. It's all legal and you can withdraw at any time with the new cashier function.



    Last Longer Side Bet Pool:

    [ Send 1 SBD to @reko with your lucksacks username. ]
    [ Last man standing winner takes all! ]

    Confirmed Players:

    Last Longer Side Bet Prize Pool:
    Prize pool: 1 SBD

    Individual Last Longer Side Bets:


    All games hosted by Lucksacks Poker are free to join and free to play.
    Steem Poker League prizes are funded entirely through rewards on posts!

    Questions about the Steem Poker League join our Discord chat.

    Lucksacks is brought to you by @tuck-fheman & @bigpchef
    Graphics - @nicnas & @internetguy.

    The Jackpot is an original idea by @reko and not officially by @spl.


    What are you waiting for?

    Prize Pool: 50 SBD + 5 SBD Jackpot !

    Poker Fueled by the Steem Blockchain !


    Join my Discord Chat & May the Steem be with you!



Count me in.

Been awhile since I've even come close to getting a piece of the jackpot. With team up season running down I have to change that asap. Good luck on Sunday @reko.

Nice job bringing poker to steem!

Smart poker.... Brother please vote me....👉 I'm always vote you c.....

whats the variable price of 1 steem?

But we need a rep of 30 or more, you only have 19 bro. ;(

I will be working, but will play on my mobile. Count me in.

Struuuck plass. Mantap

really :O great work :)

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Extraordinary activity @reko

You got a 9.80% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @reko!

Nice, I will try to get some time for this tournament. It's freeroll?
And what are you meant with this :
Eligible to Play?
[ Steemit account with at least 30 rep

freeroll yes sign up!:D

This post has received a 4.89 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @reko.


Upvote please... @sherlie

I love the concept, I hope I get to that level of reputation. Can't wait to be part of this

Poker + Steem is a deadly combination. And that too free ? Just a cherry on the top.

Thanks for this information

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beautifull post

you create a great post....i impressed to see it...Lot of thanks for Sharing this informative and valuable of luck brother....

Excellent post! Please could you sign me up, I have followed all the required steps ;)



Please could you be so kind to let me play :)


Great initiative Sir,

good opportunity for earning

I gotta head over to play me some poker once i'm done with office tasks for the day! sounds good :)
Upvoted, Resteemed

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Waits for the Go-Fish Tournament to start!

Excellent post.

nice update on poker now that cryptocurrencies are down @reko

That is epic.

Crytos AND Poker? What kind of awesome parallel universe did I wake up in.

Count me in for the jackpot!

wow, steem poker, great combo. Following you now, hope to hear from you as well.

Permission right I said to the friends steemit.

"Please help follow my account" **

Follow you very I expected.

On the attention of his I say thank you.


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upvoted. :-)

Follow me

nice post thanks for searaing....

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