1,000 SPORTS NLH Veterans Day Freeroll Tonight 7:30PM ET

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Veterans Day

Today we celebrate Veterans Day on BROsinoPoker.com with a 1,000 SPORTS No-Limit Holdem Freeroll at 7:30PM ET tonight. We have quite a few Veterans on the site, so sign up and show your appreciation for their sacrifice and service ... by taking their chips at the table! ;)


We also started an hourly SPORTS Freeroll to quench your poker thirst a little more often. Now 24 times a day you can login and get your poker fix for free! As we save up more liquid SPORTS from post rewards and donations we will be increasing this hourly Freeroll's prize pool.


I would also like to personally thank those players who have donated to the sites to help us pay the bills, developers and host Freerolls. Without you none of this would be possible and I hope all of the other players take the time to thank you for contributing so that we all can play the games we love legally wherever we are throughout the world!

Soon we will be adding a page on the site to recognize all of those who donate to this great Community and have kept it alive for 2.5 years now. Thank you all!


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