LGBT ‘ideology’ is even ‘more destructive’ than Bolshevism - Polish president

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Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has equated LGBT “ideology” to communism, warning that in a bid to indoctrinate the youth this “neo-Bolshevism” is even more harmful and destructive.

The conservative politician, who is seeking re-election, catered to his audience at a Saturday rally where he said that his parents’ generation did not fight communism only to bow now to a new “ideology” that is “even more destructive to the human being.”

That was Bolshevism. It was the ideologizing of children. Today, there are also attempts to push an ideology on us and our children, but different. It’s totally new, but it is also neo-Bolshevism.

That bold statement would have definitely spelled the end to a politician’s career in most western countries, but in Poland it’s likely to fetch Duda some votes from the most hardcore conservatives instead. Throwing Bolshevism into the mix appears to be a wise move as well, given that Poland’s grievances over being in the Soviet bloc has been a hot political topic over the last three decades.
FILE PHOTO. An election poster of Polish President Andrzej Duda. © Reuters / Jakub Wlodek / Agencja Gazeta

The fight against the “LGBT technology” seems to even be one of the cornerstones of Duda’s campaign. Earlier this week, he made several campaign promises, including that, as president, he will continue to protect family values. The pledges also contain a special section dubbed “Protecting children from LGBT ideology.”

Duda’s allies from the ruling Law and Justice party have made bold anti-LGBT statements, as well. Deputy head of the party, Joachim Brudzinski, went even further than Duda, stating that “Poland without LGBT is [a] most beautiful” sight.

Poland is heading for a presidential election, scheduled for June 28, and Duda is taking a solid lead in the polls with around 40 percent support. His main rival, liberal politician Rafal Trzaskowski, who is currently serving as the Mayor of Warsaw, is dragging behind with some 28 percent support. Still, to secure the win in the first round, a candidate needs to get the support of just over a half of voters and the country is likely heading for two-rounds of voting.



He may not know (or care to know) what communism is, but he sure got it right about the LGBT ‘ideology’…

Please describe your LGBTQ "nightmare" scenario.

Are you suggesting that LGBTQ is the cause of the "coronavirus-hoax"?

No @logiczombie, they are users of coronavirus hoax, and they are and they are contractors on the globalist agenda works.

Are you suggesting they're like "puppets"?

Define a ‘puppet’ @logiczombie.

Someone or something controlled by someone else or something else.

Do you think promoting this not normal thing is something leaders should do? Weren't entire towns destroyed because of these exact things? Aren't the vast majority of humanity follow religions prohibiting these? Or now it's the freedoms of the minorities (not of race or ethnicities or over the freedoms of the majority? Or the politician shouldn't be free to express his believes and opinions and only abnormal behaviors are free to do so?