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Polio comes from NOT viruses but DDT. Germ is word that means spell or trick, just look up the root, the etymology the history of the German word. Masks are killing people, disconnecting humans. I remember seeing this in Vietnam even.

Hanging with your taller cousins in the summer

Holding On, Never Letting Go, Staying True, Never Blue

Always Dream, Always Smile, Always Grow


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2020-10-11 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-11 - Sunday
Published in October of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-10-11 14:37:00 Trump Twitter Censor.png
Twitter censored this Trump tweet

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Stone Hands

03:07 PM - History Daily

Fascinating Discoveries That Show A Different Side To History Than We Already Know

The Cau Vang, outside the city of Da Nang in Vietnam is held up by two giant stone hands.

Vietnam is one of the most fascinating and unexplored countries in the Eastern hemisphere. With cities like Hanoi seated next to dense jungles tourists can take in a bevy of sites in a few days. One of the coolest pieces of architecture in the country is the Cau Vang Golden Bridge, a lengthy bridge held up by a pair of massive stone hands. Designed by TA Landscape Architecture, the bridge can be found on the top of the Ba Na Hills near Da Nang and visitors can get to it easily, they just have to take a cable car up to the top of the hill to walk past the giant hands.

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What did Trump say?

02:38 PM - Twitter

Twitter violated HIPPA and other laws by censoring this Trump tweet:

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Remember, when you bury a body, cover it with endangered plants so it will be illegal for anybody to dig it up.


What did people believe in the 1990's?

01:13 AM - Hive

The thing about Y2K was a problem but it was fixed to an extent. There may have been excessive hype placed on Y2k similar to the hype placed on Covid in 2020, just twenty years later. Did people really believe these things or were they simply persuaded to believe in those things? I was sorta not aware of these things in this list, in that video, including the thing about the Halloween candy, I imagine it was simply parents using common sense to be careful.

Did we know them at the same time?

Did we actually know these 2 boys to the right of me at the same time? Looks like Jaya in the red and Bill in the black MJ shirt. But Jaya moved away in 94. We probably met Bill in 94 at the earliest. Do you remember seeing Bill and Jaya simultaneously? Perhaps, that one boy is not Bill.


Pew Die Pie

12:00 AM - Nice Try KSI - Floor Gang - Pixelings - Who is the Impostor?

The real-life version of the YouTube series, The Guild.

This should be a show, I love the characters, the deep black guy voice, the cute girly blond Japanese Lily voice, the nerdy casual voices, the regular normal man voice, a toast, and your favorite alien, Felix.

Watch MOJO

08:34 AM - Top 10 Times Movie Characters Went Beast Mode


Celebrities down to earth?

02:27 PM - YouTube | Comment

Down to earth as in social justice whores you mean?

Martin Johnson - Off Grid Living

04:07 PM - DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Tour | How To Build | Easy to Clean

Chickens love oatmeal worms.

Tandoori & Flan


God is love but God is not defined by love because love is defined by God, meaning justice and grace.

Actually, God is not love because love is God, we have it backwards.

Catholicism is Luciferianism.

Germ is a German word for spell?

Germ jokes are not funny now with Covid, George Carlin?

George Carlin was taking down the church, was serving the beast.

Polio would spread by DDT or something like that.



08:20 AM - Strawberry yogurt smoothy. Pancakes. Coffee. Raining a bit. 1 Corinthians 1 talks about how the wisdom of the world is nothing compared to God's wisdom, chapter 2 tells us that wisdom comes from the spirit, chapter 3 tells us that we begin as children, that is if we are not dead in Christ, if we believers, we must go after a solid foundation within Christianity, theology. Chapter 4, we must go after the light and not the darkness to grow in discernment, wisdom. We were in 1 Corinthians 3 for Sunday school. The city in Greece. I have a hat too. I was drinking coffee. I ate 1 cookie and it was too sweet for me. Normal cookie indeed but still. Had 3 cups of coffee at church but that was too many or it was the sweetener stuff that was too much. Sermon had a video regarding a ministry to help west coast 2020 forest and house and building fire victims. It is interesting to talk about car and people insurances. Contreast between Home Improvement, Roseanne, and Last Man Standing. New mom on Roseanne or the Conners is the mother from Married with Children. Jill Taylor of Home Improvement or the actress was like a divorced or maybe a widow on Last Man Standing and she described Tim's character, Tim Taylor, to the actor who plays a new guy on last Man Standing. Also, inside jokes between Tim Allen and Jay Leno, love it. 02:34 PM right now, had some mac and peas and stuff together for lunch around 1 PM. Raining. Looking for my Iomga drive and card reader as well.


05:00 PM - made 4 rulers at 12, 6, 4, and 2 inches a piece for oysters, clams, chicken boxes. Good to have yard sticks, tape measures, rulers, to measure inches, feet, yards, etc. These are four sizes that are important to have.

When was this photo of me and is that Bill and Jaya?

I might be able to ID the date of the photo by cross-referencing other photos where I wore the same glasses.


Nerf gun game for like one or two hours until like 8 PM or 9 PM. I used a teddy bear and my gun as shields. Free for all and then 2 versus me. I climbed on the piano and door and onto the balcony. The car, the tire. Run around. Sweat. Cool down. Wet outside. Umbrella. After that, roughly, we were playing Apples to Apples from 09:40 PM to like 10:30 PM or 11:20 PM. Well, some time for popcorn during the game. Also, I made a turkey lunch meat sandwich after the game. Played with the hamster a little.

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