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RE: A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.

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The government there shit themselves about 10 years or more ago and people start to flew away since then to other parts of Latin America or Spain, not everyone has what it takes to escape (mostly liquidity or contacts) or the courage to make such a decision when things get ugly, abuse of power, necessity and subsistence are the norms, violence and uncertainty in no man's land, is about to explode or implode, if it has not already done so, they have relied on regimes such as Cuban or Chinese, with a touch of elitist narco-state, also with the help of barter due to the large quantities of raw materials that this part of the world has and I have nothing against the sale of narcotics and such, but I think that hypocrisy has gone far enough, all governments are a hotbed of corruption, not just this one, and we have to be very careful because when this people get too far we start to see candidates from the contrary and extreme political currents to resurface because people get tired of lies and prefer some honesty even if it has traces of madness as seen in other places, it's also true that this entire region was for a long time the backyard of US imperialism, and that isn't easily forgotten, the sanctions imposed by the self-proclaimed policemen of the world also hurt but when you take away from a person the authority to do whatever he wants with the fruits of his work, he stops having ambition, aspirations, goals or dreams.
As you said we've got the proof via the USA that government is not required, just those who sell themselves may would required it.
I don't know what else to say, but it's like someone who speaks the language from a distance sees it, the prize doesn't worry me, there are those who want and need more than me, it's just to give my point of view, I think we have to wait and see what the people who suffer this politics want.
Aguante venezuela!


What a fantastic reply, worthy of a post that my friend, thank you.

What a fantastic
Reply, worthy of a post
That my friend, thank you.

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Thanks to you brother, I may consider it but I think that today politics has become the polytheistic religions of yesteryear, contrary to what many people think, seeing is not believing, when you see, there is no need to believe, but to see or feel something doesn't mean that we understand it, just as corporations need clients, politicians need affiliates, targets are quite similar, we haven't been able yet to finish with the sectarization of ideas, and I wish we could do it, I am cultivating my courage and patience in case some day it can be carried out.

With regard to the current political system, I would say it was outdated after the end of the industrial revolution, it simply has no purpose to survive now. All it does is slow everything down with endless self serving bureaucracy.

Be gone with the lot of them for my money. :-)

I've made a post trying to make your offer more visible in the hispanic speaking community.
Let's see if we can get some more information about this mess.

Nice one, above and beyond the call of duty, likes ya style.

cheers my friend :)

with a touch of elitist narco-state

Narco state are Colombia and the US

Greetings from Venezuela