The management border.

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Imagine one day you wake up on a moving train, what would you ask?

I do not treat in this place of sin, that is, in the error that is committed in the pursuit of good and evil, but only of what happens in the judgment and discernment of the true or false. and I do not intend to talk about what touches faith or behavior in life, but only about speculative truths, which can be known through nature, there are reasons that can make us infer the existence of material things, not because they seem very useful to me to prove what they prove, of what a sensible human has never doubted, but because, when considering them closely, we realize that they are not as firm and evident as those that lead us to knowledge.

Clockwork, was the key‐machine of the modern industrial age.

It was a new kind of power‐machine, in which the source of power and the transmission were of such a nature as to ensure the even flow of energy throughout the works and to make possible regular production and a standardized product. In its relationship to determinable quantities of energy, to standardization, to automatic action, and finally to its own special product, accurate timing, applied to almost all vital aspects, the clock has been the foremost machine in modern technics...

It served as a model for many other kinds of mechanical works, and the analysis of motion that accompanied the perfection of the clock, with the various types of gearing and transmission that were elaborated, contributed to the success of quite different kinds of machinery to serve us.

It does not seem very bad, but when you see that they are beginning to mix things like natural selection and taxes, something doesn't work very well, even randomness needs some casual event.

The instruments of economic imperialism are used as weapons, propaganda, credit, freezing of assets and concessions; Theorists discuss whether sanctions are effective or not, they are usually treated as signals, a pull on the strap.

Anarchy already reigns, although not for all.
The shared illusion is decisive, with everything else is not enough.
Free trade doesn't need to be agreed or regulated, it is done or not.
Collapse begins with cracks, don't make things worse folks.


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