Steemits coming of age - contest at the bottom, guess when steemit will "come of age"

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Looking at the typical audience of this site it's only a matter of time it hit's that coming of age moment for all platforms that focus on "free speech". By free speech of course, I mean free right wing speech. The kind that platform gab had, where all the fascists banned on twitter went. In that place saying "all jews should die" is fine, but saying "anybody who says all jews should die, should die themselves" would be probably be banned or harassed and stalked. (Like people do to me on here for saying stuff like that lmao.)


Well it's pretty obvious nobody on steem is making an effort to deal with the fascists, and all throughout it's life they have been it's main base of support. (And yes, I'm including you in here too "an"caps, yall stole the word anarchism like the nazis stole the word socialism.)

So my question is, when will steem create it's first mass murdering Fascist? I might even start taking bets on this one at one point lmao. How about this, whoever guesses the closest date in the comments will get a steem reward from me. Steem jumps around a lot, so how about something like $10 worth of steem? I might throw in a steem monsters card or two as well.


Someone will post their manifesto on the blockchain before going postal within 6 months, calling it.

If a Muslim jihadist came here no one would care about his free speech. If NAMBLA came here to promote pedophile rights no one would care about their freedom of speech. What about posting bomb making instructions? How to derail a train? All sorts of free speech no one would support. People support racist speech because they themselves have racist beliefs, not because not because they are free speech advocates.

Would all these people who complain about free speech care if any of those groups above got silenced? No way. I see Muslim jihadist sites the exact same as I see right wing hate discussion.

Post a link to a malicious spoofed virus site and see how much everyone here respects your free speech. Seems like it is just white racist hate speech gets a free pass, because there is lots of shit that would get downvoted.

Many people on this site have access to hate speech sites blocked by their ISP, not everyone here is American, lots of places have laws against hate speech. Why should a bigot who has bought no steem have more rights than someone who invested but lives in some European nation where hate speech is banned?



there is always tomorrow. He has me on nuke mode.. so I don't go down quietly

Keep the spam coming please, he is back to 5 % again 😂😂🤣🤣

she* is a terrible person, but human rights are human rights. Come on now.

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I have no idea whats going on - , but if your supporting it against anarchy has no gods, ill trust you..

Anarchy had him on the auto-flag in order to discourage him from posting, as all his posts/comment went hidden. Instead of getting discouraged, he spammed a million comments thus draining the loser's voting power down to zero. He literally powned anarchy to his own stupid little game, with a simple yet genious tactic XD Just look at bearbear613 comment history if my explanation doesnt make sense ;)

People can always be persuaded. Even though sometimes it's incredibly hard.

even if they can we have limited time. We have 15-20 years to reverse climate change before we are certain to die.

I thought it was 12 years of our current progression until we hit the PNR.

ah, so it's worse than the last time I checked

Murdering fascist? Great term.
I'm hoping the next January.

The impossible game. Whats consists of mass murder? What evidence needs to exist the person was a fascist? And how will we now if steem created this proposed individual?

I decide at the time, rules are for losers smh

stfu you bitch YOU ARE A LOSER

I've been on Gab for quite a while and I can assure you there are a lot of people from various walks of life who use the site. The "right-wing" social network claim is one constantly repeated but no one can ever bring up the hard facts about it. They aren't fascists, in fact, Andrew Torba leans libertarianish... His actions on rogue users is nothing compared to the true censorship seen on Twitter. You're free to voice your opinion on Gab significantly more freely than on Twitter. Thats a fact. If Gab is Fascistic, then what does that make Twitter?

Never been on Gab myself, but when you say "Andrew Torba leans libertarianish" I have to wonder, how much "ish" and what kind of libertarian?

Also, what makes a user "rogue?"

congrats to you Motherfucker. Watch All The Assholes here start Burning Each other now. Couldn't have happened to a Better Guy bearbear. Still Playing the Victim, Ass fucker.


I think you want to be the mass murdering fascist

well, I might as well set a baseline. This time next year is my guess.