[REDACTED] The state of 'British' censorship

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Tommy Robinson was arrested outside a Leeds crown court last Friday for 'breach of the peace'. He was steaming a Facebook live video, reporting on a 'grooming trial'. Which in plain English is a rape trial for a group of Pakistani men who had been raping and preparing underage British and Sikh girls. Paedophilia. Regardless of your opinion of Tommy Robinson, this blatant censorship screams of George Orwells' warnings. This was a closed court, not mentioned in mainstream media and consequently, Tommy has been sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for breaking a suspended sentence only 6 hours after arrest. With trouble getting his solicitor.
His sentence has been blacklisted from media in the UK, therefore anyone who had reported it online prior had been silenced and deleted.

What do you think of this debacle?
Is this right in the modern 'free' world?

The next day, Saturday. A demonstration was held at Downing Street in support for MrRobinson.


Credit to James Parrazzo, founder of New Resistance.
Breitbart and the Independant.