Hungry for more? Do not worry.

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Hungry for more? Do not worry.
Have some snack on what we expect the main course!

We already have several days waiting for the premiere of the movie of the year (Green Uncle vs. Mango Maduro), in fact the popcorn has already run out and the drink has gotten so hot from waiting. Yes, because if it is promised, the infinite is the limit. Here is the similarity between a burglar, a liar, a magician and an actor: the politician encompasses all the previous ones. It steals you and it is not funny, it lies compulsively, it disappears what is convenient for him and it is very bad actor. If you still do not believe me, I leave you a chapter of DeAnimals II titled Science and Friction.

And as the song says: Refuse / Resist.
Help is on the way, it's a matter of knowing how to wait.

In my wandering around the world I have seen how human stupidity forces entire nations into a state of slavery and dependence on certain actors. I have also seen how some are obfuscated in getting powerful weapons to theoretically defend their dominions and dominated. Using simple common logic can be deduced that in most cases it is a power game in which you are not invited as a player but as a guarantee of payment. It sounds illogical and naive at heart the string of threats that are proffered to one another as well as the economic and coercive measures they take to supposedly dominate the opponent. In a fight, in a real one, once cornered you only have two options left: they fuck you or you defend yourself. These supposed leaders in their eternal dance which seems a parody of war promise almost everything in terms of punishment but in the end who gets punished is the same as always, the people. If the conflict were real, it would be enough to quote a couple of examples of friction (fiction):

Suppose a nation or state creates a kind of cryptocurrency of those that today are given so much publicity, now suppose that cryptocurrency is anchored at the price of some raw material such as ... oil and to top that nation has the largest reserves of the same worldwide. Does it sound familiar to you? It must be pure coincidence.

Now said nation or state carries out an auction of the futures of its reserves of crude to ten years to name an example. But these futures are not quoted in the usual course currency in the markets but in the famous cryptocurrency (this to avoid sanctions and SWIFT). Then another great nation with a lot of thirst for hydrocarbons and commercial appetite as well as a very loose portfolio offers to buy such futures in a private purchase (arranged out of sight of the regulators).

The question is: what do you see there?
You see the trick, right?

Ok, I explain what is being auctioned is not anything physical (this is the art of milking the air) that can be exploited directly in the immediate after the auction. What has been achieved with this is liquidity, then and for the purpose of not decapitalizing both nations agree that the payment will not be in cash. That is to say, it will not be in foreign currency but in treasury bonds of say ... What do you think if us use the sovereign bonds of the state or nation that controls the prices in the crude market. So far so good, then if the party that auctions its reserves wants to obtain liquidity, it would only have to negotiate (sell) those bonds. And what if he does not sell them? What if it finishes or liquidates them progressively in volume and devalued in time.

Now you see it?

How is the issuing party to be repaid or recovered from the debt or bonds if the same for each sale or liquidation operation would be worth less? In the end, the risk is that who owns the debt, since the function of the above is to devalue something that is supposed to be healthy. No one would like to have this financial instrument in their possession and this would cause a crisis of confidence and, in turn, a stampede. That is a weapon of mass destruction, a very bad one.

But of course it was just an example of fiction.

Do not panic!

There is no nation that to date has issued a quantity of tokens or cryptocurrencies anchored to a commodity whose maximum volume corresponds to a volume large enough to be massively sold and collapse the market. Remember that whoever loses is the one who owns the debt, modern history is full of such cases. After the exploding of a bubble there is a part that managed to get out on time and get profit and another that absorbs the loss. Free trade and the bases of capitalism give us the tools to execute this, since the price and volume of something are fixed by the parties involved. In this way you are not forced to sell something at a fixed price, you can give it away (skill is required). Of course, reprisals and consequences would be extremely painful given that such a play would be considered an act of war.

But ... If you are under siege and threatened with death, what matter a dash of lemon in the wound?

In the same way, but a little more cruel, you have nations with supposed and other functional programs of development of nuclear weapons and of massive destruction. Immense programs in terms of logistics, resources and financing. To think that the physical package of a deliverable nuclear device is the same as it was 70 years ago is the same as believing that telephones and television are currently. Today with different advances, in your pocket or on your wrist you can have both (telephone and TV) with a much higher quality and functionality. Perhaps all that paraphernalia of the centrifugation of isotopes or the use of laser techniques for the purification of them is part of the show. Or perhaps these states or nations are so busy with other tasks that they can not see the myriad of methods to commit the same end, in the end what is wanted is to release a lot of energy in a very short time. The day will come when even the banana republics will have their arsenal of machines and inventions (you can start with a 360 degree Voitenko used as a Tamper - Push) to push the seed (the booster) (please do not all have to be Teller - Ulam ) that compared to today's second look just as ridiculous as a cart pulled by a donkey next to a bullet train.

But what if you're in a hurry and your pocket is not enough? Well one way would be a good dirty bomb not one but some. And you ask yourself what would you use to build such a thing? The first thing would be to develop the delivery vector and here remember that the best vector is the one that is not needed (that part I omit for obvious reasons) the second would be your garbage.And what is the garbage? All you have to put to cool after being used in the process of electrical generation in a nuclear power plant. Those are spent fuel rods, tons of highly toxic waste. If you like hygiene you can use a linear accelerator (the same one used in medicine) to obtain Cobalt 60 (irradiate Cobalt chloride), only that you would have to produce tons of it, which is feasible even using a linear accelerator for purposes medical that exceeds 16.5 Mev (brands and models I leave it to your choice). You can also make it, it seems complex but since you are not going to use it for commercial or medical purposes, you are given the certifications, permits, norms and other things that hinder and increase the construction of it. It all comes down to dual-use parts and components available to anyone who can afford them, and believe me a luxury sports car may cost you more.

It's a matter of skill, not money. If you can manufacture Tecnecio 99 you can also produce Cobalt 60. Better yet Cobalt III oxide and you can replace the aluminum oxide of the propellant in the second or third (depends on the distance to the target) stage by this. You will have some decrease in propulsion due to the weight of the compound and the calorific contribution to the mixture, but you can correct it by doing this in a non-homogeneous way but as a suspension (I can not put the name for patent reasons). That is, by injecting a gas into the liquid phase of the mixture before setting and centrifuging it to increase the concentration of the compound in the outer section of the tubular motor. That would give you acceleration and since the volume increases with combustion you would have an indented pear-shaped footprint inverted in the area of ​​interest (city or place to be blessed). Another advantage is that the resulting compound (depends on the type of reducing agent used ...) is addicted to hemoglobin and that protein is used by almost all living beings for the transport of oxygen at the cellular level. In this way you get more effectiveness in terms of dosage (DLP).

Of course all of the above is science and friction, nothing more than that ... or not?

There is very little information out there of what I am going to comment next but from the time of the cold war, the two great powers in conflict developed tons of this last material to scatter them in the atmosphere in case of conflict. It's a sadistic method, I know. But if you're not going to survive then neither should the other. As you can see, the rope is always broken by the weakest part, if hurt is the goal about, imagination and not your pocket is the limit. For everything else, there is the circus of politics and the parody of war, that is the diplomacy.

Are you still thinking about giving the mother of all wars or a rain of fire never seen?
The above It is the lexicon of politicians. The previous example is reality. In theory they will not experience it until they touch the wrong key. Someone said there once: play with the chain, but not with the monkey!

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