I have been researching how much they owe to Russia, and the way they repay it with oil. It looks like a coup by the west to me, to try to put into power someone that will default on the repayments, and hand the oil business there over to the west, especially the USA.
Anything that puts more economic woes and pressure on Russia seems to be popular strategy.

I know you love in Poland and may have a somewhat negative view on Russia but on a world wide scale sometimes I think Russia is the lesser of two evils

I have far from a negative view with regards to Russia, the Polish on the other hand, they do have a very negative view of Russia and for good reasons.

Having seen Russia restore democracy in Syria, I have nothing but a positive view with regards to them. So there you go, that is my view.

Russia didn't go into Syria with an intent to restore democracy. Russian went in there at the request of Obama to help Assad ward off ISIS in the part of the country he controlled. The US was already on one side the issue and fighting ISIS they couldn't be on both. So Russia made a deal with Obama that the US lift the word nuclear off sanctions when it came to nuclear medicine, which Russia was in bad need of for the nuclear medicine industry and he'd go in and protect Assad from ISIS infiltrating while he was busy fighting the opposition in his country. Russia was also instrumental to the US in locating ISIS leaders. Rumors poured out of Syria of Russia taking soldiers from ISIS up into the mountains and torturing the crap out of them until they got the information they wanted. Those are only things that Russia could get away with but it worked. The reason we are even still involved is because of a natural gas line that would have run through Syria then on wards to Europe, which would have gave Russia more control over the natural gas supply into Europe, which no one was happy about because Putin had a nasty habit of shutting down supplies to get hike increases if need be. Syria had a choice between plan a and plan b. They choose to go along with a proposed route through Iran and other countries into Europe, the other through Saudi Arabia and other countries into Europe. Now they've developed a plan to run the line through Israel and other countries to get to Europe and that's basically why they are withdrawing. They no longer fear having Russia involved holding Europe hostage to their gas supply.

Russia were invited to Syria, the USA was not, the USA is instrumental in funding terrorists there against Assad, the same can not be said with regards to Russia, the pipeline deal is pure fiction as Russia agreed and signed/sealed a deal for a pipeline via Turkish waters. Russia had a military base in Syria before this even started and needed to protect said base, as unlike the USA, they do not have them all over the world.
Europe has never been held hostage to gas via Russia as even Merkel pointed out to Trump, live on TV when he made the mistake of saying the same, I will quote her reply "the gas industry is private property not government owned, we as governments can not tell the free market who to buy or who to not buy from" Of course that angered Trump, his own ignorance forced him to have to put even more sanctions on Russia, which is simply economic warfare, that will end when the $ ceases to be the world reserve currency in the not to distant future. Lets be honest here, if there was no resources in Syria, the USA would not have touched it with a barge pole.

Let's be honest here the US was holding the valuable real estate in Syria, the rest of it was junk, if they had wanted it they'd kept it.

Russia was involved in Syria then they withdrew when it seemed Assad was getting a upper hand on the rebellion. Then things turned concerning ISIS and the infiltration of them into Syria, whereas Russia, the US and Syria all worked together to contain the threat. You will find plenty of headlines to that effect. This was never about Russia going to go up against US forces in defense of Syria for Assad...that never happened. Basically they are like a bunch of babysitters between the warring factions...the object was to remove ISIS (regardless of the debate of how they sprung up), that objective according to Trump has been the question is whose the winner? Assad won against the opposition, every war someone has to be the loser, according to Trump we don't need to be there, we don't get to pick the winner.

perfect, correct in everything

Did you watch the last video, it is hilarious.

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Watch this video. I’m Irish so Brexit is bad for us . This guy make sure some great points. Didn’t you see James Dysom the prominent Brexiteer is moving giant headquarters to singapore. 😂😂.

Yes I read he was doing that yesterday. All they need next is Boris Johnson to move back to his native New York and and Wetherspoons to move abroad and bingo, all the leavers left lol.