It's not allowed but allowed !

in #politics5 months ago


During this pandemic we had a lot of evetns in Russia. One of them is the day when Russians won in the second world war that was in 9 may, but for the first time during more than 50 years it wasn't celebrated. Then we had nationwide day of vote for constitutional amendments. It was promoted very much and the government wanted everyone to go to vote despite the pandemic. They acted like we don't have any virus outside because they needed people to go there. During that time they did everything to make people to vote and they even promised that we will have the celebration of 9 may later.

After the vote to keep their promises up they organized that celebration day and thousands of people went out and most of them were without masks and it wasn't clear that we had any pandemic at that time. It's one of the prove that the virus was politicized and maybe it's not that dangerous as the mass media promote.

We also had a lot of protests in trhe country and a lot of people were arrested and the reason was because they broke the rule and put other people in danger because they didn't respect the lockdown.

That show that when authorities need us to get out, they tell us that's allowed, when something is against their interests it's not allowed. That's the world we live in now. Very absurd !