Why the DNC leaks should surprise no one...

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When I logged into social media today to hear incredulously from many of my friends ranging from loyal democrats to the anarchists for Bernie Sanders crowd.

"The Democratic Primary was rigged all along!" #DNCleaks #DNC

The only part of that I found surprising was how long it took everybody to see the plain truth....

From the start, Hillary was the democratic establishment's preferred candidate.

When I say democratic establishment, it is important to clarify that I don't mean the voters, as their opinions are secondary to the management of the parties. Big donors compose the establishment of both parties, and they want a candidate that will play ball. It is the big donors that ultimately have the most sway over who wins as they determine how much efficacy a campaign can have. 

Hillary received major favors from the DNC out in the open long before the leaks

Due to her vastly superior name recognition Hillary was the de facto benefactor of the severely limited number of debates. Sure, Bernie sanders did make the nation more aware of his presence and do more to spread his ideas than some thought he could, but the DNC chairwoman's choice to limit the number of debates made it hard for Bernie to distinguish himself from Hillary and easy for Hillary to gobble up his talking points from her position of more visibility. This wasn't a mistake, the chairwoman knew that giving Bernie free airtime was contrary to her goal of getting Hillary the nomination, even though she was supposed to be a neutral arbiter of the primary.

...and even if the above hadn't happened, there were still the fundamentally undemocratic superdelegates

The super delegates are all almost exclusively (with the exception of Bernie himself) standard politicians who have long ago been purchased by the donor class and as such do their bidding. No obedient servant of the lobbying interests is going to elevate the needs of the people over their own desire to be re-elected by playing ball and getting their campaign contributions again next time. It is ludicrous to have thought they would ever have been swayed to Bernie, meaning that he would have to have won a super-majority of the pledged delegates to have had even a chance at the nomination.

Yet somehow it is news that the Democratic Primary was rigged?

...I think not.


Now, this was a good read! If only stuff like this was up in the front of every headline!

Thank you very much, I appreciate the praise!

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