Now we know why Clinton was never indicted.She controlled the FBI and the DOJ too.This Russia Russia nonsense was fabricated by her camp,the Mueller probe has to end here and heads need to roll!I am not a Trump supporter and never will,but justice finally needs to be served!

Ayup...and when ALL the information behind the Nunes Memo has been digested, the Marxicrats will need a steam shovel to clear the egg off their faces.

I wonder how the FISA judge that was bamboozled by this nonsense feels now.
he wasn't 'part of the fix'?
why would you assume that?

Good question - one I believe will be answered eventually, when ALL the information comes out. The memo is interesting, but it's only a small glimpse into the whole sorry mess. BTW - one thing that seems relevant: The FBI has to review a FISA warrant every 90 days, and, from what talking heads are saying this morning, the Agency cannot use the same documentation each time. In short, they have to show progress in the investigation. If this is true, then the Steele dossier was only used once, and other documentation followed for subsequent reviews.

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