My country every day is destroyed more by the red empire and deceiver

in #politics4 years ago

This afternoon I saw these photos and I started to think of how a country so rich would go bankrupt economically alone God is the one who knows that future awaits us some want peace when others want war peace with war is not peace alone brings chaos and destruction


This is not normal, we need help! Where are the ONU, ALCA and the others Governments?
God save Venezuela!

Venezuela need helps, one of the most richs countrys are alone now! Venezuela need help, one of the most richs countrys are alone now!
This happen when the corruption eats the economy and the control over a country!

This will come to the U.S.A. unfortunately . I pray daily for Venezuela

If you only God Is the only one that will help us to solve this situation. Long live our venezuela country

Trust me your country and most of the world needs help from a non human super power. Relief is coming very soon. Mankind is unable to get out of this global mess. Help will come from the source that created everything

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