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RE: ANARCHY - What it means & whether it could work within capitalism

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You do make me laugh!
Decentralised food? Decentralised water & energy?
Sounds like our future is a return to the hunter/gatherer society of the past!
I am impressed with the idea of a microwave moat.... but it may fry the neighbours & the postman!


Decentralized food? Aquaponics, vertical farming, far more. Even a few minutes searching for advanced agricultural technology reveals the decentralization trend and the current reality that with nominal effort a family can grow it's food. This also enables them to determine the quality of the fare, for example to not apply biocides that cause health hazards.

Decentralized water? C'mon. You've never heard of a well before? But, to be inline with the rest of my comment, a 3D printer has been developed that will extract water vapor from the atmosphere, even in desert environments, and 'print' liquid water. So, yeah. Decentralized individually produce, pure water that cannot be flouridated, dosed with bleach, or cut off without a physical assault.

Decentralized energy? Sure. It's just a deeper well. The deeper you drill, the warmer the depths you reach. This enables creating a convection driven turbine and the production of electricity. Geothermal, in it's least efficient by most difficult to prevent form. Multiple other means exist to create energy useful to a household, such as solar, microhydro, and wind, and I don't need to provide you extant examples of individuals using such energy production means in their individual homes, because a simple search will produce more links to folks doing them than you can read in the remainder of your life.

I have not even begun, however, because many more lesser known energy production systems are possible, such as pyrolization of organic material, so called producer gas systems, biodiesel, and on and on. All of this is to produce electrical energy, which may not long persist as the primary energy used with advanced technologies.

Natural ecosystems do not run on electricity, after all, so innumerable examples of systems that run on sugars produced via photo and chemosynthesis exist.

I pointed out that microwaves are able to be used today with minor expenditures and simple shop tools and modifications to create barriers to armed thugs that will secure your home, or other structure, such as an automobile. I mentioned there were far better tools for the same job, and there are.

Henricus Loos has patented several mechanisms that use household electrical devices, such as a computer monitor, to affect human mental and emotional states, causing a wide range of affects that include nausea, other physical discomforts such as burning sensations, insatiable lust, and even physiological events, particularly loss of control of the bowels. Do search that name, because I am not even joking. That was back in the '90s. It's been thirty years since then. The means of causing such effects have shrunk in accordance with Moore's Law, and the finesse and sophistication of the particular effects that can be caused orders of magnitude more precise.

You can literally be forced to turn left or right, and you will rationalize your action, not even knowing that it was imposed on you.

Many more, and plenty of brutal and fatal mechanisms are available to suitably educated individuals that make armed gangs of thugs utterly obsolete. This technology is censored to the limit of the power of those whose control of society is threatened, with extreme prejudice.

But, that censorship is temporary. Censored, suppressed technology is always reinvented, because it is obvious from related developments. Clever tinkering will always ferret it out, no matter how secret it is.

It's just a matter of time and engineering before the advantages of being secure simply produce society that is free from the imposition of oppression by parasitic overlords, particularly as centralized production continues to be less and less profitable and efficient compared to distributed, individually owned means of production.

New ideas go through three stages. First they're laughed at. That's where you are now with decentralization. Then they're violently opposed, and this is what you will next undertake. Then they win.

Lemme know when you get there.