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RE: If US Politics Were Real, A Massive Blue Wave Would Be 100% Certain

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At this point we all know that its a game, its a matter of who plays it and whether or not its funner yes funner to have a joker than a pandering leftist. Although its the same either way entrenched interests however one comes with a lot more popcorn munching. The other what was considered politics as usual till a few years ago, sending off armies of low income american citizens to fight foreign wars for the elites to get cheap deals and resources and try to take over latin america more by destroying governments there with puppet states, (reason the caravan is moving up here is literally due to clinton and co taking out the real leader of their countries and putting in their own ones) ' either way corruption as usual as the democracy is a facade and charade.


I feel like both sides try to manipulate the numbers so they’ll win but by JUST over half. The real winner ends up being the person better at manipulating.

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That is the plan Gerrymandering is the most common thing they do in the United States build weird shaped blocks to win elections lol.