JFK Jr. says "Vote Trump" - Guitar Jam

in #politics3 months ago

This was a video I made in 2016 because the thought of Hitlery Klinton as CEO of the insolvent, bankrupt corporation "United States of America Inc." not the original "United States for America" was completely out of the question. So I took it down after Trump won. Then four years later the same sh!t has floated right back to the top, only this time it's creepy Joe. WTF? Ok ... so now I have to vote for Trump again, it's like this Democratic, Communist, Marxist, Soros NGO funded, medical freak show, MSM dirtbags, keep this total scam going. Screw all of them. Vote Trump 2020 ... GuitarLots out ... peace, oh yeah, I almost forgot ... "Vote Trump 2020"

We Gotta Get Out Of This Mess - ( Music from - "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" by The Animals

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