As one of the 20% of Black men who voted for Trump

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I am offended when pundits say Trump won in-spite of the minority vote. Or He won just because of White people. If that is true Barack Hussein Obama would not have won twice. I am assuming Clinton got more total votes from Whites than she did minorities. I hate seeing black people vote for Clinton. Its like watching them sign up for Slavery. NAFTA and the TPP, Super predators, The 94 crime bill, Goldwater and many more.... As a Black man watching my people be lied to and hoodwinked by this witch is hard enough without media reinforcing the notion every black has to be a dem or that there is something wrong with America because we voted for Trump.


Another free thinker! I myself did not vote for Trump, but I am happy of the outcome. This doom, gloom and weird twisted thinking is so odd. I wonder what media some of these extreme Hillary supporters have been brainwashed by.

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The media is very skewed...

Liberal psychosis.... "Trump will only get 1% of the black vote" Trump gets 20%... "Why only 20%? that's racist unless over 50% of blacks voted for you, you should lose."

Wait... you're black?!?! I thought you were Steemit blue like me. Well damn. I hope we can be friend anyway. LOL

Seriously though, I don't understand the color divide especially in this day and age - part of that is how I grew up and part of that stems from my own ancestry. And being Asian, Irish, a woman, and on the autism scale, I'd say I know exactly what minority feels like...and I would rather have stuck bamboo shoots up my fingernails than vote for Clinton.

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