Politics of calumny

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Recently in Abuja,I met a politician who steadily described his opponent as awkward and ridiculous contestant who can't secure a vote. Some avid observers warned him but he never listened.

He abused, defamed, maligned, misrepresented and deliberately misunderstood everything the young man did. To him,he was a political expert!

But after the election a shocking and traumatic news went round that he failed shamefully. Which goes a long way to say that our God is Supreme in everything he does for anybody in this life.

As a result of his pitiful defeat, unbearable internal conflicts ensued between him & those who warned him.

In law there is what we call "nemo dat quod non habet" which means you can't give what you don't have. Folks might want to support you: but politics of calumny can pursue them. Politics of calumny It is a bad play!

Therefore, are you a politician? You must understand that bread is not for the wise or riches of men of understanding. It is Only God remove & set up Kings. So,desist from politics of calumny if you want to go far in politics.

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Politics is very good for governance but politician should be transparent. Thank you for your post @mrspeaker