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RE: A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.

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I hope you realise that 'some' of these comments from these so-called ordinary Venezuelans, are nothing of the sort and is just another misinformation campaign made specifically for the blockchain with fake spamming accounts that also run a downvoting ring on anything that opposes their exact point of view. There has been a ring of anti-maduro/pro regime change accounts that support a US led coup on steemit for a while now. Yesterday they flagged a post from @tlavagabond with multiple accounts and they have now started to delegate larger amounts of steem from blocktrades to continue this campaign on an increasing scale.

They are basically bullshit artists and spammers/scammers supported by groups that want to take over Venezuela (empire loyalists). Maduro is completely irrelevant in this entire debacle - the only relevant issue is, who and how will Venezuela be taken over.

I wrote two posts on this ring of sock puppets and named some of the accounts that I discovered on my own, as did @v4vapid from his own investigations.

@bifilarcoil thoughts?


Yes, I have read the posts, yes I am aware, though this is a chance for me to leave on the block, what you think, what bif thinks, what everyone else thinks, and it seems to be going well. Thank you.

I'm going to leave the comments to those from inside the country as you suggested, but just wanted to add that for some context for anyone visiting...

Btw, I thought you went on holidays as I haven't seen a post from you in weeks. Turns out, that so-called steemit bug unfollowed you from my list. Not only that, but now all the names are not in alphabetical order any more - just to make it a hassle to find people lol.

O is that 'bug' all of a sudden back again??

I had that last time the flags where flying... will need to have a look at that as well...

No I have a different bug to deal with now.

What the fuck is going on here?

This is what I was referring to. These people are desperate to only have their point of view heard to influence opinion and at the same time silence any opposition or different view to their own script. Even though I barely offered a direct opinion on the situation over there, they seem to be very agitated and unfriendly towards me and others for offering to promote their work lol. They even downvoted my comment in siftys latest post that has nothing to do with politics.

Well this post certainly has brought a lot of raw emotions to the table and sides.

This started 12 months ago and they have visited a lot of posts from a few different author's...every time there was a flare up in Venezuela they would appear. So I fully expect them to come by and downvote every single one of my comments that has not been downvoted yet. I'm not even on anyone's side here, but they see anything that is NOT pro-war or empire as the other side. Really? Do you think so? And its not peanuts either...they have a gang vote of around $1 which would wipe out most posts on here.

It is very much in sync with the events in Venezuela. Last year this was also done just before the time when things went from bad to worse overthere.

Venezuelan people might want to have a closer look at this. As it perfectly exposes how propaganda is done in cyber-age.

This is just oil-backed opposition who now throw a lot of money at it. Money they could (and should) have used to feed the people. But they chose to invest in whale-flags And burn the money while people are starving.

If Venezuela wants this type of donkey arses in power then they are of WORSE then with Maduro. I'm no fan of Maduro, But if the opposition promotes lies and attacks the truth. With money that could have been used to feed people they really need to be confronted with those facts.

So people of Venezuela who support this BS can see what is happening.

I have tried to start something that had a long term goal to help them out. And i still want to re-launch that project eventhough I have bigger things to deal with of my own. Actually, I shouldn't even be writing this. But as I see what is happeneing now and how it is related to what happened 12 months ago I feel it is my duty to speak up.

For Venezuela
And for Steemit (eventhough there are things about steemit that are just plain stupid, but that merely my personal opinion. The equality topic that could have helped A LOT of people specially in Venezuela)

o boy, my mind is a master of digress...

We should be in the business of fixing fundamental issues, yet the BS of business and investor hugging only allows for children first aid patches on massive cuts to the bone.

There you go, have a look at all the flags....gang rape

Nice one! I'd seen activity on CJ's post that looked like a multi-pronged, almost trollish attack. I'll maybe take a look at your and Vapid's posts on this. Thanks!

Now have a look at all the flags on the comments!